Zeal – Barack Obama through Ree Rakhieale Rainbow, Choosing Freedom for all, 10 May 2012

I am Zeal and I am a seraph being from the higher dimensions of Gods light. I come through now with information regarding my incarnated aspect-Barack Obama. My path of enlightenment has only just begun. I followed my heart in becoming the president of the USA. The drive to become president was driven by that of greed and power. The circumstances surrounding my position of power were not for the greater good of all but the path I am walking is my highest path. It was agreed in spirit that I would assume such a role and the drive of my ego, as hard as it is for some of you to comprehend, was in alignment with Gods divine plan.

At present my incarnated aspect is fully aware of the situation on the planet. I am in open communication with the beings that are here to assist in the shift to the higher dimensions. The situation right now in the white house is one of fear and discord. The reality of the dissolving of the dark cabal is as clear as day. We were given a choice to redeem ourselves by choosing the light or be removed from power. Many chose to stay and have changed their ways.

The unseen being who were influencing the situation and fuelling the drive for destruction have been removed so there is nothing left but the true heart of the individual. We are all children of God and we all know the power of forgiveness.

Some are struggling with the task of forgiveness of self. I ask you all now to choose forgiveness over anger and see the bigger picture of the situation that is coming to light. You have seen me sign many documents and make many declarations which threaten the freedom of the people of this planet. I ask for your forgiveness and understanding. To stand where I stand now I had to play the game. Yes I played the game unaware of my true purpose to serve the light. The constitution as is stands is worthless and has nothing to back it. The illusion is still in place whilst the final preparations for truth and liberation are underway. The purpose of my message now is to appeal to the hearts of those who choose to read such messages. If you choose to read this message you choose freedom for all. I am asking you now to choose forgiveness of those who have served to repress you.

In honour of your light, Zeal

Channeled through Ree Rakhieale Rainbow


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