AA Uriel, 11 May 2012 by LightofLuna

Today we would like to speak to you of connections – in all forms.  Many of you may have noticed that you have come across or been introduced to new people.  Or, maybe you have seen someone you know in a new light – have begun to see them as they truly are.  By the same token, you may have found that others who have been in your life are falling away.  Do not despair for this is as it should be.  The new people that are coming in or are being noticed anew are important connections and you should pay attention to them for they will be important to you in your linear future in one way or another.  They are important pieces of your puzzle in one way or another.  Some will be small and some will be large so do not discount anything at this time for it is too soon for many of you to see the relative importance of these connections.  As far as those connections that are loosening or being severed, do not despair or feel guilty about this for it will not serve you.  Some relationships are not meant to be for a lifetime.  Some have served their purpose, and for others, you are simply in different vibrational spaces and paths and the fit is no longer there.  This is perfectly normal and the guilt has no purpose and will not serve you.  Simply acknowledge the relationship/connection for what it was, feel gratitude for the gifts you both received and release it with grace.  This can be done in your own space without the conscious knowledge of the other if this is what you choose and will have the same effect if you do it with true gratitude and grace.  By taking this step you will make space for those connections that will serve you now and in your future.

We realize that for some of you, these connections relate to blood relatives and it is not so easy to disengage, and in these cases you can simply remove yourself from the drama and give this connection the same blessing of gratitude and grace and we believe you will find a difference the next time you are physically together or you connect by some other means.   We also urge you to look at other connections which may be upon you.  These may be connections to places or times, animals or other beings.  All contain clues and some will bring remembrances.  Some of these may come upon you in unusual ways – a book that catches your attention at the library, a website that you ‘accidentally’ landed on – or whatever.  Some of you may find yourself interested in subjects or pastimes that you have never given thought to before.  If followed, some of these also have the potential to lead you to important connections.  We urge you to pay attention, discount nothing for they are important.


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Channeled through LightofLuna


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